Elevator Service & Repair Mechanics

Registered & Insured. Licensed Contractor & Mechanic by The State of Indiana

We provide service, repairs, 1 year & 5 year test on : Amco, White Evans, Dover, Inclinator, Otis, Westinghouse, Montgomery, Esco hydraulic passenger elevators, we also service and perform 1year and 5year test on Garaventa, Wheelovator, Motivator, Access, Bruno, D.A. Matot, dumbwaiters, Savaria, Porchlift just to name a few.
We serve : Central Indiana and surrounding cities, Lafayette, Kokomo, Anderson, Shelbyville, New Castle, Columbus, Bedford, Crawfordsville, Terre Haute.

Maintenance and Repair Services

We believe in the proactive approach in optimizing your elevator operations and on the prevention of unnecessary repairs, making a service contract an essential component of a well-run building. We also understand that every building works with a different budget. Our goal is to find the best fit for you and your budget.

Standards of Operations

Our mechanics follow a thorough examination of the entire elevator system. We want to be sure we not only address any existing problems, but eliminate potential problems down the road. Part of our examination is ensuring that a mechanic pays a visit to every elevator on a monthly basis. In turn, our visits generally become more efficient because your elevator is running at its best. With our philosophy, your elevators stay running as often as possible with minimal inconvenience to you and your tenants.

Customer Client Confidence

Unfortunately, the unexpected does happen. This is why we are prepared with mechanics around the clock to address those unwelcome surprises. Additionally, we have quality parts and equipment on hand so that your downtime is no longer than it has to be. We pride ourselves on being reliable and responsive no matter what the situation.

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to serving you.